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Kaiser, Sierra; Klare, Dalton; Gomez, Merab; Ceballos, Natalie; Dailey, Stephanie; Howard, Krista

A comparison of social media behaviors between sexual minorities and heterosexual individuals Journal Article

In: COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, 116 , 2021, ISSN: 0747-5632.

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Zavareh, Maryam; Maggioni, Viviana; Sokolov, Vadim

Investigating Water Quality Data Using Principal Component Analysis and Granger Causality Journal Article

In: WATER, 13 (3), 2021.

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Kim, Rhae Sung; Kumar, Sujay; Vuyovich, Carrie; Houser, Paul; Lundquist, Jessica; Mudryk, Lawrence; Durand, Michael; Barros, Ana; Kim, Edward J; Forman, Barton A; Gutmann, Ethan D; Wrzesien, Melissa L; Garnaud, Camille; Sandells, Melody; Marshall, Hans-Peter; Cristea, Nicoleta; Pflug, Justin M; Johnston, Jeremy; Cao, Yueqian; Mocko, David; Wang, Shugong

Snow Ensemble Uncertainty Project (SEUP): quantification of snow water equivalent uncertainty across North America via ensemble land surface modeling Journal Article

In: CRYOSPHERE, 15 (2), pp. 771-791, 2021, ISSN: 1994-0416.

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Bates, Paul D; Quinn, Niall; Sampson, Christopher; Smith, Andrew; Wing, Oliver; Sosa, Jeison; Savage, James; Olcese, Gaia; Neal, Jeff; Schumann, Guy; Giustarini, Laura; Coxon, Gemma; Porter, Jeremy R; Amodeo, Mike F; Chu, Ziyan; Lewis-Gruss, Sharai; Freeman, Neil B; Houser, Trevor; Delgado, Michael; Hamidi, Ali; Bolliger, Ian; McCusker, Kelly; Emanuel, Kerry; Ferreira, Celso M; Khalid, Arslaan; Haigh, Ivan D; Couasnon, Anais; Kopp, Robert; Hsiang, Solomon; Krajewski, Witold F

Combined Modeling of US Fluvial, Pluvial, and Coastal Flood Hazard Under Current and Future Climates Journal Article

In: WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 57 (2), 2021, ISSN: 0043-1397.

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Dolan, Dana A

Multiple Partial Couplings in the Multiple Streams Framework: The Case of Extreme Weather and Climate Change Adaptation Journal Article

In: POLICY STUDIES JOURNAL, 49 (1), pp. 164-189, 2021, ISSN: 0190-292X.

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Rahman, Md. Shahinoor; Di, Liping; Yu, Eugene; Lin, Li; Yu, Zhiqi

Remote Sensing Based Rapid Assessment of Flood Crop Damage Using Novel Disaster Vegetation Damage Index (DVDI) Journal Article

In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DISASTER RISK SCIENCE, 12 (1), pp. 90-110, 2021, ISSN: 2095-0055.

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Suh, Jennifer; Matson, Kathleen; Seshaiyer, Padmanabhan; Jamieson, Spencer; Tate, Holly

Mathematical Modeling as a Catalyst for Equitable Mathematics Instruction: Preparing Teachers and Young Learners with 21st Century Skills Journal Article

In: MATHEMATICS, 9 (2), 2021.

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Kursuncu, Ugur; Purohit, Hemant; Agarwal, Nitin; Sheth, Amit

When the Bad is Good and the Good is Bad: Understanding Cyber Social Health Through Online Behavioral Change Journal Article

In: IEEE INTERNET COMPUTING, 25 (1), pp. 6-11, 2021, ISSN: 1089-7801.

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Liu, Qian; Harris, Jackson T; Chiu, Long S; Sun, Donglian; Houser, Paul R; Yu, Manzhu; Duffy, Daniel Q; Little, Michael M; Yang, Chaowei

Spatiotemporal impacts of COVID-19 on air pollution in California, USA Journal Article

In: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 750 , 2021, ISSN: 0048-9697.

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Sun, Ziheng; Di, Liping; Cvetojevic, Sreten; Yu, Zhiqi

GeoFairy2: A Cross-Institution Mobile Gateway to Location-Linked Data for In-Situ Decision Making Journal Article


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Tan, Xicheng; Di, Liping; Zhong, Yanfei; Yao, Yayu; Sun, Ziheng; Ali, Yahya

Spark-based adaptive Mapreduce data processing method for remote sensing imagery Journal Article

In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING, 42 (1), pp. 171-187, 2021, ISSN: 0143-1161.

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Seshaiyer, Padmanabhan; McNeely, Connie L

Challenges and Opportunities From COVID-19 for Global Sustainable Development Journal Article

In: WORLD MEDICAL & HEALTH POLICY, 12 (4), pp. 443-453, 2020, ISSN: 1948-4682.

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Guo, Lin; Mohebbi, Shima; Das, Ashok; Allen, Janet K; Mistree, Farrokh

A Framework for the Exploration of Critical Factors on Promoting Two-Season Cultivation in India Journal Article

In: JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL DESIGN, 142 (12, SI), 2020, ISSN: 1050-0472.

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Solakian, Jennifer; Maggioni, Viviana; Godrej, Adil N

On the Performance of Satellite-Based Precipitation Products in Simulating Streamflow and Water Quality During Hydrometeorological Extremes Journal Article


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Rahman, Azbina; Zhang, Xinxuan; Xue, Yuan; Houser, Paul; Sauer, Timothy; Kumar, Sujay; Mocko, David; Maggioni, Viviana

A synthetic experiment to investigate the potential of assimilating LAI through direct insertion in a land surface model Journal Article


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Griffiths, Brian M; Bowler, Mark; Gilmore, Michael P; Luther, David

Temporal patterns of visitation of birds and mammals at mineral licks in the Peruvian Amazon Journal Article

In: ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 10 (24), pp. 14152-14164, 2020, ISSN: 2045-7758.

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Khalid, Arslaan; de Lima, Andre Souza; Cassalho, Felicio; Miesse, Tyler; Ferreira, Celso

Hydrodynamic and Wave Responses During Storm Surges on the Southern Brazilian Coast: A Real-Time Forecast System Journal Article

In: WATER, 12 (12), 2020.

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de Lima, Andre Souza; Khalid, Arslaan; Miesse, Tyler Will; Cassalho, Felicio; Ferreira, Celso; Scherer, Marinez Eymael Garcia; Bonetti, Jarbas

Hydrodynamic and Waves Response during Storm Surges on the Southern Brazilian Coast: A Hindcast Study Journal Article

In: WATER, 12 (12), 2020.

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Zhou, Xiaocheng; Wang, Wenjun; Di, Liping; Lu, Lin; Guo, Liying

Estimation of Tree Height by Combining Low Density Airborne LiDAR Data and Images Using the 3D Tree Model: A Case Study in a Subtropical Forest in China Journal Article

In: FORESTS, 11 (12), 2020.

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Sherry, Lance; Thompson, Terrence

Primer on Aircraft Induced Clouds and Their Global Warming Mitigation Options Journal Article

In: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, 2674 (11), pp. 827-841, 2020, ISSN: 0361-1981.

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