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Vision Statement: Partnering with communities to build resilience.

Mission Statement: To convene and engage stakeholders in developing community-based solutions to resilience challenges.

C-RASC complements and reinforces Mason’s Institute for a Sustainable Earth by focusing on resilience and its relationship to sustainability. Communities worldwide face urgent and increasingly complex challenges. C-RASC aims to support transdisciplinary, cross-sector collaboration to support bottom-up initiatives that can turn adversity into opportunity. If you’d like to learn more about C-RASC, click here to download a two-page PDF.

Distinguishing features include:

  • concentrating on bottom-up, community-led approaches;
  • addressing resilience in comprehensive and measurable ways;
  • integrating the impacts and policy implications of converging, accelerating technological changes; and
  • including practitioners with field experience.

View our FY 2021 (Year 2) Annual Report here.

View our FY 2020 (Year 1) Annual Report here.

C-RASC is supported by six colleges and schools:

C-RASC values diversity, inclusion, and equity as critical components of resilient and sustainable communities. Please click here to read C-RASC’s anti-racism statement.