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C-RASC Graduate Fellow and Faculty Member Published Research on Predictive Resilience

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C-RASC Graduate Fellow and Faculty Member Published Research on the Predictive Resilience of Infrastructure Systems

Infrastructures are interdependent systems, and their interdependency can influence their resilience to routine failures and extreme events. PhD student Babak Aslani, C-RASC graduate fellow, and Shima Mohebbi, Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering and Operations Research, proposed a resilience assessment framework for interdependent water and transportation infrastructures to measure the impact of random failures due to aging infrastructures, natural disasters, and their cascading failures. The framework incorporates the physical network of these infrastructures, social vulnerability indicators, and predictive analytics for a sociotechnical resilience assessment. The findings of this study highlighted that the socioeconomic factors and land use features should be incorporated in interdependent resilience assessment for a more comprehensive and equitable resilience planning. This work is published in Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, the International Journal of public sector decision-making.

The dataset for this research, obtained from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Census Data, City of Tampa utilities, and Florida Department of Transportation, are published in Data in Brief, a multidisciplinary and open access journal, to facilitate reusability for any future resilience study.