Spring 2023 LUNCH~and~LEARN Webinar Series Presentation @ Zoom Webcast @ Zoom

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March 30, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Spring 2023 LUNCH~and~LEARN Webinar Series Presentation @ Zoom Webcast @ Zoom @ Zoom

“Exploring social media data on the COVID-19 pandemic and infodemic through COPE-ID”:  A C-RASC Lunch & Learn Series Presentation with Dr. Megan Stubbs-Richardson

Zoom Registration (**This event is FREE and registration is required): https://bit.ly/3ZpC7nX

Presenter: Megan Stubbs-Richardson, Assistant Research Professor and Director of the Data Science for Social Sciences Laboratory (DS3) at the Social Science Research Center, Mississippi State University

Abstract: This presentation will introduce the COVID-19 Online Prevalence of Emotions in Institutions Database (COPE-ID) as a data resource for exploring the COVID-19 pandemic alongside the infodemic. The results from our misinformation study covering the presence of misinformation across five social media platforms, including the nature and discussion of prominent hashtags such as #Plandemic and #CovidHoax will be covered. Future directions of our work and the many ways in which the data source can be used for research will be discussed.

COPE-ID Website: https://copeid.ssrc.msstate.edu/

DS3 Website: https://ds3.ssrc.msstate.edu/

Who should attend: Open to the public. All Mason Faculty, Staff, Students, and those interested in the research areas of Public Health, COVID-19 pandemic, social media, and community resilience.