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C-RASC aims to support Mason faculty to form transdisciplinary teams and develop extramural funding proposals on research related to resilient and sustainable communities and ecosystems. The type and level of support is dependent upon the type of project, level of engagement with C-RASC, and available capacity. Examples of the kind of support C-RASC may provide includes:

Idea Generation and Team Building

Brainstorming and Networking: C-RASC occasionally hosts brainstorming sessions or networking events to support idea generation and interaction with colleagues from different disciplines. These sessions may be based around particular topics or themes, or they may be based around specific proposal solicitations. If you are a Mason faculty member and would like to plan a brainstorming or networking event around a particular topic, theme, or solicitation please email crasc [at] gmu.edu.

Brown Bags and Webinars: C-RASC also hosts regular “Brown Bag Lunch Discussions” for C-RASC members or prospective members to learn more about each other’s research interests and to discuss new research directions and opportunities for collaboration. Visit C-RASC’s events calendar for a list of currently scheduled events. Email crasc [at] gmu.edu if you are interested in giving a brown bag presentation or webinar related to resilient and sustainable communities.

Transdisciplinary Connections: If you are seeking transdisciplinary research collaboration on a particular topic related to resilient and sustainable communities and ecosystems, C-RASC may be able to suggest potential collaborators based on your interests.

Proposal Development

C-RASC can offer limited support for faculty to develop grants related to resilient and sustainable communities and ecosystems, which may include:

When applying for a proposal, be sure to first submit a request for proposal assistance. Please note that to access the system, users must be connected to Mason’s VPN.

Funding Support

Seed Funding: In 2021, C-RASC launched an inaugural seed grant program to provide financial support to Mason researchers to conduct preliminary research and/or develop data in support of seeking extramural funding on transdisciplinary projects related to resilient and sustainable communities. Read more about C-RASC’s 2021 seed funding program.

Graduate Research Fellowship Competition: In partnership with Mason’s Office of Graduate Education, C-RASC participates in a competitive Transdisciplinary Graduate Research Fellowship program. The Fellow must support new or ongoing research on community resilience with the potential to lead to future research funding, and must be mentored by an interdisciplinary team of at least three faculty, with at least one member formally affiliated with C-RASC. Selected fellows’ tuition will be covered by the university, whereas their research stipend(s) should be covered by research funds (preferred). In some cases by center funds may supplement research stipends if there is strong evidence that the fellow will strongly advance center objectives through their research. Subject to applicability rules, the university will also pay health insurance costs. To stay up-to-date on this opportunity, please be sure to sign up for C-RASC’s announcements listserv.